.College Planning in 10 minutes?

Yes!  We developed a series of 10 minute videos that show you:

  • COLLEGE SELECTION:  How to avoid the 3 Biggest Mistakes parents and students
    make when selecting a college.

  • EFC:  The importance of knowing your EFC but more importantly, your OPTIMIZED EFC.
  • COA: Where to find the COA for any school and how to REDUCE your OOP (Out of Pocket Expense)
  • "ICEBERGS": How to easily avoid 10 events that can derail your plan for completing college.

...and here's the really great news:  we're ready to help you with the steps you'll need to complete with each of the above video's.  Our Parent Kits are designed to provide you with the guidance, reports, and recommendations you'll need and we do it at a price that no advisor can compete with! 

WHAT'S THE CATCH?  None, we know you're busy, we know college planning is a daunting task and we've broken it down to manageable segments to help you succeed.   Almost all will benefit from our help but some may choose to go it alone.  If you want assurance that you won't overpay, we think you should lean on us!

By far, our most impact-rich 10-minute video!  We will walk you through, step by step, events and circumstances that we have seen derail the dream of a college education, THEN, we'll show you how to avoid or dramatically diminish the possibility of your plan falling victim to one of the 10 dream killers.

A plan without risk mitigation is a not a plan -
it's a wish, a hope, a prayer. 

Make your plan bullet-proof in just 10 minutes!

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Many families are very cost conscious when it comes to college - and they should be.  But should it ever come down to just the sticker price of college?

"I've always wanted to go to "____________", but did I use the correct criteria for choosing it?  Is EMOTION getting in the way of good college selection?

"_______________" is the absolute best college when it comes to the degree I will puruse.  But what if you found out that you didn't need to go there in order to enjoy the "credential" of having attended the most prestigious school?

Watching this video will give you the confidence you'll want when choosing the school that provides you the best opportunity for long-term success.

Make your plan bullet-proof in just 10 minutes!

Uncle Sam already knows how much he expects you to pay for college.  The question is, do YOU KNOW what he expects?  And an even better question...can you get him to lower his expectation? 

The answer just may be "YES" for hundreds of thousands of families, but unless they understand HOW to lower their EFC, they'll wind up paying more for college than neccsary. 

If money is important to you, this 10 minute video just may save you a pile!

Make your plan bullet-proof in just 10 minutes!



Every school has a "Sticker Price" (and we'll show you the resource to find the sticker price for any school you're evaluating).  But more importantly, there is the out-of-pocket (OOP) expense you'll actually pay.  

For an unfortunate number of families, OOP may actually be the sticker price, but for the well informed family the OOP will be lower...and for families who watch this 10 minute video...the OOP could be even further reduced.

You wouldn't pay sticker price for a car or a home, so why would you consider anything other than watching this 10 minute video on avoiding the college sticker price?

Make your plan bullet-proof in just 10 minutes!

      "COA vs. OOP"

"College Selection"

"EFC (and Optimized EFC)"