I've read that I can do FAFSA myself, why should I pay to have you do it?   We agree that you could submit your FAFSA on your own.   But through experience, we also know that an alarming number of FAFSA submissions contain errors and just as alarming are the number of FAFSA submissions that are technically accurate in terms of the data provided, but the EFC reduction opportunities (Optimization) were missed.   Either through error or missed optimization, doing it on your own may wind up costing you considerably more than the cost of the service.  You could read detailed and highly accurate instructions on installing a gas furnace for your home on the internet and achieve some measure of success.  You could also blow up your house.  The choice is always yours. 

If my EFC can not be reduced or optimized, do I pay?   We have combined FAFSA consultations and completion with EFC Optimization to reduce the overall cost.  While some who engage in this service will benefit financially, sometimes significantly from the Optimization step, the benefit to others is the confidence of knowing the accuracy of their EFC.   

I have twins, is there a reduced price for multiple children?  Unfortunately, we have reduced our pricing to the lowest possible point to be able to offer this service and cannot offer discounts.  Instead of inflating our pricing so that we can offer hollow price reductions on this service, we prefer an honest approach to our pricing.

I have already submitted my FAFSA but am concerned that I may have submitted something in error.  Would this service be of benefit?   There is a great possibility that this service could benefit you, however, in the interest of saving you money, we'd prefer to take a quick look at your CURRENT FAFSA results.  Sometimes we are able to identify an error very quickly, saving you both time and money.  Unfortunately, the IMPACT of amending a FAFSA which has already been submitted, may not be as great as it would have been had the error been corrected on the initial submission.

When should I consider submitting the FAFSA?  October 1st of the calendar year preceding the year your student will enroll in college is the earliest date for FAFSA submissions.  We highly recommend that FAFSA forms are completed and submitted as early as possible and no later than November 15th.  The longer the delay, the less available preferred financial aid becomes in most cases.  


The email below is one parent's response to our intervention on FAFSA and EFC Optimization.   Based on a misinterpretation of the FAFSA instructions, a misreporting of non-assessable assets, and a few "assumptions", the client would have overpaid for college by as much as $62,464 over four years. 

The initial EFC was approximately $33,000 which the family believed was accurate.  After all, it came from the FAFSA.  Their initial call to our office was to help them determine the best route to funding the anticipated college expense.  Instead, we recommended a full FAFSA consultation, review and EFC Optimization.  The result was a decrease in EFC from $33,000 to exactly $17,384.  That represents an annual financial aid eligibility improvement of $15,616 per year and a four year total recovery of $62,464.   

As you can read, they were very happy.    We hope the same is true for you.  

FAFSA Submission & EFC Optimization

WHAT'S AT STAKE: The FAFSA represents the foundation of all financial aid decisions made by the school of your choice.  After addressing roughly 130 fields in the FAFSA, a financial aid algorithm will determine your EFC (Expected Family Contribution).   EFC represents the minimum that college will cost for one year.  Unless you are well-versed in what your EFC should be, how will you know if the calculation was correct?  A single error in the FAFSA could wind up costing you thousands of dollars in lost financial aid eligibility.  (Earlier this year (09/17) we increased a family's aid eligibility by more than $60,000 over four years - see email below)

HOW IT WORKS:  Once you purchase the FAFSA Submission & EFC Optimization service, you will be contacted to schedule a meeting with either Todd or Andy in our Sharonville office.  The appointment will typically last less than 1 hour.  Prior to arriving for your meeting, you will be given instructions for securing your FSA ID and your student's FSA ID in order that your FAFSA may be submitted at the end of your appointment.  

During the meeting, we will walk you through each step of FAFSA completion, reviewing each field with you for quality assurance.   Also during the completion of the FAFSA, we will identify any opportunity we believe you should consider for LOWERING your EFC.  This is the OPTIMIZATION STEP.   If Optimization is identified, we will identify the potential impact of implementing the optimization strategy so you can understand the financial impact.  You are under no obligation to implement the strategy - the decision is entirely yours.