College Search and Notification

WHAT'S AT STAKE: College selection usually comes down to a set of colleges with which the student or their family have a degree of familiarity.  Sometimes they limit the search to a certain geography, beyond which may be the ideal school at the ideal price.   But how would you ever know?   Choosing the RIGHT FIT college can be the difference between overpaying for college or not,  staying at the college vs. transferring, and ultimately enjoying a satisfying career after college or not. 

HOW IT WORKS:  Once you purchase the College Search and Notification service, you will immediately be provided with an enrollment form which must be completed BY THE STUDENT!   Along with the form will come specific instructions, essentially telling you to return the completed form to us.  We will review the form for accuracy and immediately begin the process of matching your student with a minimum of 15 colleges or universities that have a demonstrated historic interest in the specific profile your student has created through their completion of the enrollment form.    

Within 2 week of receiving the completed form, your student will begin to receive emails from the matched schools.  At that point, it is up to the student to engage with those schools and take the relationship to the next level by demonstrating interest through contact, visit or other engagement. 

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How will I know the schools are coming from this service and not simply a random email?   Our process uses third party emails such that we, the student, and a parent are simultaneously notified of the contact.  We can easily identify through this process that the contact was initiated by our system.

When should I consider using this service?   As early as late in the sophomore year, ideally in the Junior year, and no later than the first month or two of the senior year in high school.  

Can't I achieve the same results on my own using online search engines?  In a word, no.   First, there are roughly 4,000 accredited institutions to sort through.  Our process includes the "buying history" of a large portion of the total pool of available colleges. Buying history is established when a college actively purchases lists of students with very specific characteristics which include GPA, standardized test scores, geography, elements of diversity, interests, etc.  As schools seek to fill a particular niche in which they believe they are unique, they actively seek to attract the students they believe will have the greatest success at their institution.   Our system is privy to what the schools are "buying" and we use that knowledge to match your student to the BEST FIT school.

Will this approach work even if my student is not a 4.0 student?   Believe it or not, a majority of schools do NOT have a minimum academic threshold below which they do not offer admissions.  We recommend, however, that students most likely to benefit from this program have at least a 2.6GPA on a 4.0 scale or have achieved moderate performance on standardized testing. 

Does anyone else offer this service?  Because of the unique relationship we have with the owner of the "buying history" database (which is constantly evolving through current college marketing behaviors), we do not believe this service is widely available through any other channel.