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Student will recieve communication from
the selected colleges within 2 weeks
of completing and submitting their profile.

The single best resource for reducing the out of pocket expense for college.

College Selection

All too often, a college selection is made based on emotion, familiarity and or peer input.  

Intelligent college selection is made after considering the right combination of financial, academic, and emotional factors.

The answer is different for everyone.  The process should be the same.

A college assessment, a student assessment and a financial assessment must be combined to provide a balanced college selection decision.  


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Financial Assessment (available on PRICING page)

All financial elements have been identified on our full pricing page as part of a college planning package OR

as an ala-carte offering.

Specifically recommended are:

  • 5 School Comparative Analysis

  • Year by Year Resources / Costs worksheet

  • EFC and Optimized EFC Reviews

  • Graduation Assurance Review

All requied links will be delivered automatically
via email within 2 business days of purchase.

Student Assessment (available on PRICING page)

We have partnered with one of the leading providers of online career assessment tools who offers a student-centric

version of their software.  The result is a revealing, accurate, and always invigorating report that helps to
identify and sometimes confirm the students major, college and career thinking. 

There are multiple levels of the student assessment available from the DIY report to the 30 minute interpretation

and counseling session.


The system and resulting reports are electronically tied to the rich text career databased maintained by
This gives the student an ability to explore career characteristics including salary and hiring forecasts of more than 4,000 careers.

College Selection & Notification

Our exclusive program is the first step in identifying the colleges that couple your student's interests, values, and aptitude
with the greatest liklihood of providing scholarships or other tuition discounts from selected colleges.

This program is best suited for HS Sophomore and Junior level students.


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  1. The student completes an interests profile similar to others you may have seen online
  2. The profile is matched against the "targeted student list" that every school uses to find
    their best students
  3. The top schools (minimum of 20) are connected with your student in a method that
    allows tracking
  4. The student pursues admission in expectation of a favorable award letter
  5. The award letter is evaluated in terms of total out of pocket expense
  6. The student and family may choose to accept admissions or
    the award letter may be used as leverage in the pursuit of an improved award at
    an alternative (competitive) school of the student's choice.


REPORT & Counseling